SURL 6.2

The newest research findings out of the Software Usability Research Laboratory at Wichita State University are online.

Topics include:

  • evaluating four white space layouts for textual web pages
  • the power of interactivity on educational websites
  • preferences of online banking customers
  • evaluating text density and contrast effects on visual search
  • use of technology in educational settings
  • examining data entry methods with handheld devices

I’ll be following up with my thoughts on some of the topics after I get a chance to read them. Just wanted to get the word out in case you don’t subscribe to their notification service.

SURL usually has some good findings. Good as in applicable to the practitioner. Last time around I wasn’t as impressed, though I think that had to do more with the topics they covered. I look forward to reading this round of research, and hope you take time to do the same.