I Feel the Love

Today is the 5-year anniversary of my current job. woo.

I cut my hair over the weekend. Now it looks like it did back then; very, very short. I drove to Illinois from Oregon. I new I would be in a non-air conditioned car for up to 4 days, so I cut my hair very short to avoid the overall need for showers.

In the past 5 years I have lived in 3 differently named, yet geographically nondistinct (to me) communities, at 4 different addresses. I own a home now. I have a daughter. But one thing that hasn’t really changed is that I just don’t fit in around here.

Case in point. I made cookies last night. To look at them, they are chocolate chip with cranberries. A coworker picked up the last one from the plate and was about to bite into it when someone else said, “Matthew made these.” The person with the cookie dropped it back on the plate saying, “Oh, I don’t eat healthy things.”

I make healthy cookies. Well, healthier than most people do. These were almond/cashew butter (organic) with soy and whole wheat flours (organic), less sugar than called for, high quality chocolate (Ghirardelli), and non-sweetened cranberries (organic). Plus they are almost vegan; one egg (organic) was the only animal product for the batch.

So today I have been getting dissed on my hair cut (“Did you lose a fight with a lawn mower?”), and on my cookies. I feel the love.

To top off the feeling of my out-of-placeness, Jason posted some pics from his recent trip to Portland, Oregon today. Seriously, why am I still here? Well, the house and more importantly the daughter have something to do with that. Not blaming Sagan of course. :) Just have to be more careful in life changing decisions when you want to make a good life for your child.

It’s almost August and time for me to start seriously looking for a new job. I know, never launch in August. But given the timing on some other things it works out for me.

So, if you work in Portland, Oregon and have positions open in your company, please let me know. I would love to come back. Usability, design, business analyst, CIO, Product/Program/Project Manager…

And let me know if you want the recipe for the cookies. They are really good.