Did you mean: al qaeda

Hopefully this spelling mistake won’t lead to a IBF visit to my house. If it does, please call first so I can bake cookies.


(Published: March 27, 2003)

HOMER — A friendly Internet bulletin board run by an Anchor Point high school student morphed last weekend into a worldwide al-Qaida propaganda outpost calling for attacks on the United States in response to the war on Iraq.

This, in a roundabout way, is why I have received about 10 hits on my site in the past 2 weeks from people searching on the (incorrectly spelled) term “Alkaida.” The searchers are getting to my site because of this post referencing this article.

So far none of the search strings have been anything like, “How do I join…”

Oh, side note: this is post number 200. Not the most prolific site, but hopefully the quality is there.

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