October 2000 to July 2006

¤ Company: State Farm Insurance, Corporate Systems
¤ Location: Bloomington, IL
¤ Position: Interaction Designer

Promoted December 2001, August 2002, and March 2004.

Below are some bulleted overview of what I do, but you can get a better flavor for what I do day-to-day by reading the narrative description of what I do.

  • Design user interfaces for banking and insurance computer and Web applications for internal workforce, customers, and 17,000 Agents.
  • Promote user-centered design techniques that meet project budget and timelines.
  • Establish User Profiles.
  • Conduct Task analysis, including: current task, problems and opportunities, usability objectives, and future task analysis.
  • Create mockups (paper and computer).
  • Create prototypes in HTML and CSS.
  • Design and run informal (formative) and formal (summative) usability sessions.
  • Create formal usability report with recommended solutions.

One reply on “October 2000 to July 2006”

  1. I’ve worked with Matthew over the past four years, and during that time he has become a trusted resource – a source of knowledge on project development methodology, interface design, and other, more worldly topics. As a specific example, when I worked with a team to revise the department’s project methodology, I depended on Matthew to validate concepts and provide feedback. His input was invaluable and contributed directly to the success of the effort.

    One of the things I admire most about Matthew is that he continues to try to make a difference (in the most positive way) when big corporate culture does nothing to facilitate or encourage it. That’s not an easy thing to do.

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