August Pictures


Is August really over already? Is September almost half over already?

What’s up with that?

Sagan is back in school full-time, all week. She is adjusting okay. Her new teacher is just different than her old teacher and I think that takes some getting used to.

She may start kindergarten next fall if she keeps progressing at the rate she is. She speaks (annunciates) so well, can recognize the letters that make up her name, as well as spell it (out loud and can write the letters A and S).

She hardly ever needs help with potty, and she even washes dishes. She continues to blow away people when we tell her she is not yet 4.

Right now Claire and I are discussing whether to keep Sagan in BGA next year. Since we pay for public school by owning a house, and since that school is a block and a half away from said house, and said school is one of the best in the district, it’s hard to justify spending 5,000$ extra a year.

We’ll see. We have a few months to decide.

That’s pretty much it for now. Enjoy the pictures.