Bloggers: Apply Within

The waters of business evolution are often tested first by the startups (or upstarts depending on your point-of-view).

The Robot Co-op is hiring. Bloggers only need apply.

Discussions have already ensued in the recent past over whether blogging should be a job skill, and for big enough corporations I think writing entries (and all the responsibilities therein) will become a skill set added to a number of related positions. A separate role? Probably not.

The Robot Co-op’s approach, via their business log might I add, in searching for potential employees with blogs is a good next step.

Interviewing a candidate that has a blog is like getting the ultimate screen on the problems the person is interested in, how they learn and think, and how well they communicate. Conversations can start in the middle of things, picking up the line of thinking where the post left off.

Interviewing applicants who have blogs can allow insight to the applicants beyond the generic portfolio (no matter how nice it looks) into how they think and what they care about. A portfolio and resume can show the work someone has done, the interview can show what someone is like on a good day (hopefully for the applicant), but reading about someone through their blog can help make the picture truly complete. The applicant may be able to write great code, but do you really want to spend 8 to 12 hours a day with them?

Perhaps next is companies looking to pull in RSS feeds from people’s blogified resumes so there is a constant source of potential employees with consistently updated work histories.

“I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?” Sorry, just felt like adding a Joe vs. The Volcano moment.

Props to Alan at Kokogiak for the nudge to the Robot Co-op site.


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