Trading Spaces

Sagan was moved to a new room and new teacher today.

Claire and I had some philisophical differences with Sagan’s initial teacher. No problems whatsoever with the teaching assistant though.

Sagan usually goes through an adjustment period when she starts doing a new thing with a new schedule. But she never takes longer than a few days to adjust. This adjustment period was going on 3 weeks and we felt (based on the fact both Claire and I didn’t have the best school experiences while growing up) we had to take action.

The school’s director worked with us and she was able to switch Sagan to a new room the same day we (well Claire did the meeting) met with her.

Sagan has prior experience with her new teacher, Gail, from summer school. This morning Sagan said as we were pulling up to the school door, “I am going to give Gail a big, squishy hug.” Granted, Sagan sometinmes just says thing, but it made both of us feel even better about making the change.

We expect a few days of adjustment to the new class, but hope that this will work. Largely because the only other options are dropping Sagan to part-time (she would then be with a teacher we know she likes), or pulling her from the school. Neither of these are going to happen.

Claire needs to be able to go to school full time and take her classes whenever they are offered. Once Claire gets a job and is making the big bucks, I will drop to at most part-time and stay at home more. That will be so sweet.