Who Google Thinks Is Me

I love to ego-ogle. Which is to say I like to use Google to help my ego ogle itself.

At my lowest point, when Google started picking up “me” I had about 16 hits. Now I have over 1000. And I show up on Google groups, news, and Froogle searches.) Woo. I don’t really know what, “1 to 100 of 1100” means. I am a little dubious anyway that all Google results are x to y of a rounded number.

Most of the hits for Matthew Oliphant return results that are related to me. And while it is all well and good that I am “out there” for my name, I wonder at why I am “out there” for other phrases.

Today (and this is what sparked this post) I received two hits on my site via Google. The searches related to bad copy and the ever popular how many millimeters in an inch?

The first example, especially, illistrates why I think Google is strange. There are no quote marks around the search term, so Google is looking for all web pages that contain the words “bad” and “copy.” Doesn’t matter if they are together or separate, or in reverse order. Yet mine is the 3rd site listed out of 5,430,000. Why?