— 15 October 2004 —

Six Apart Strands Bloggers

As I have said before:

  1. Good customer service is often the responsibility of the customer.
  2. With every problem there is also an opportunity.

I was reading about the Stranded Bloggers announcement/rebuttal on Mena’s Corner this morning. When I finished, I emailed the link to Mike and Paul with a subject line of “Bloody Brilliant.”

…it was frustrating for us to receive support requests because of a poor infrastructure on someone else’s end — especially on a version of Movable Type that had been heavily modified by sources other than Six Apart.

Which begs the question, does Six Apart have any obligation to users of its software regardless of its modified state? Answer: Yes, because Six Apart says so.

If you’re in search of a new host for your blog, contact us and we will let you know about a couple options that we recommend. Specifically for your benefit we have worked on a discount program with a preferred host, Media Temple, to help you during the transition to a fully supported and sustainable platform for your blog. And, if you’re interested in trying TypePad, which has advanced moblogging functionality built right in, we can also steer you in the right direction.

mBlog used MoveableType, heavily modified apparently, but it still was a Six Apart product. For them, there was no second thought about being accountable. Kind of a captain-of-the-ship scenario.

mBlog’s take:

mBlog has attempted to provide an exceptional service for the blogging community at no cost. Unfortunately due to member abuse, inability to reach agreement with Moveable Type and hosting cost overhead we have incurred an extremely high deficit. We stand to incur further costs which we hope that our members’ gratitude will help us offset. Unfortunately we can no longer offer support or continue this service at penalty to us.

A number of requests from our members have prompted us to offer a restoration service at a nominal fee. To obtain an archive of your files for import into an alternate blogging system please enter your mBlog name below.

Whatever the terms that were not able to be agreed upon between mBlog and Six Apart, this was an opportunity for good customer service which Six Apart is following through upon, and mBlog is missing. Some people look at it as the cost of doing business when they should be looking at it as an opportunity to offer service.

Six Apart is weakening my first maxim, and strengthening my second.

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