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The Car Blog

Soft launching, but stop by to help us kick the tires.

The site is launched. We will be adding things over the coming weeks, but visit every day. At least grab the RSS feeds.

Looks like I get to be in the article spotlight for the launch too. Hooray for me! It’s a post on web design that I snuck in even though it’s supposed to be all about cars. So I focused on car manufacturer websites. :)

Also, if you’d like some real colophonic info, head over to Mike Rundle’s site for a shakedown. And here’s our official announcement on Business Logs.

the car blog


  1. Wow very beautiful site. I was wondering when Didier would start posting about cars again.

    Someone might want to correct that “This site is more valid that invalid” typo.

  2. Yeah, we knew he needed an outlet. :)

    Thanks for the typo catch. It is a soft launch, but it’s helpful to get other eyes on something we’ve been looking at for a couple of weeks.

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