Back from about, with[,] and for

[updated Oct24] I added the photoblog today. Thought I would throw in a link to it here for now and individual pics within the posts about each session I attended.

Just got back home tonight from the about, with and for conference. Of course, it should be about, with, and for. But sometimes I am a comma freak.

The day and a half conference was brisk, to say the least, but in some ways I think this is the model conferences should take from now on. Quick. The down side is that I really didn’t have time to write my thoughts on the conference as it was happening. I am going to need a few days to synthesize what happened (nothing earth shattering), go through my notes, and write about it here.

I will say that I think the people who put on the conference did a very good job. The only one I met was Sara Cantor who felt about me, as I did about here that we had met before.

And that was the strange thing. I got that a lot. Odd looks from people, and about 5 people saying, “Haven’t we met before,” and “Matthew Oliphant…. I recognize that name.” I felt somewhat the same about them, but I am horrible with names and faces unless I am around someone on a regular basis.

Once I saw someone looking at me from across the room during a presentation. She whispered to the lady next to her, and that lady did the nonchalant I’m-not-looking-at-you-just-craning-my-neck-in-your-direction thing.

Maybe it’s because I am devilishly handsome. Maybe I had something on my face or between my teeth.

One of the people I met has actually been to this site before. She was looking for info on what happened at UPA. I asked, “Was it helpful?” She said, “Yeah sort of. There was something I wish there were more details about, but…” I said, “You should have left a comment. It may have sparked something in my memory an I could have given more detail.” So, that goes for you too. Got a question? Click that comment link and let me know.

And yes, you do know me from somewhere. But we’ve never met. Unless we have. In which case, where’s that 20$ you owe me?

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  1. Wow – we could have met last year. But we did not. And now I am a flickr pro user thanks to you and getting all sorts out of fun out of it. Someone offered to buy one of my pictures recently!

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