Help Out Poor (lucky) Didier

Didier Hilhorst is looking for some data in relation to a project he is undertaking at Ivrea. A full explanation is below. Go fill in the study’s form and pass the link along to others.

We are currently gathering data to link memories and music. Do you have a specific song that reminds you of a memory? Your first girlfriend? That cool wedding of your best friend? We are sure that you can find examples!

We are looking for the artist and song that makes you think of a specific memory. Next we ask you to tell us the location and time of that memory (not when or where you purchased the record, but specifically the memory itself). We would like to collect a little story or anectode to make your memory come alive.

Additionally, to personalize the experience, we ask you to make a little drawing in the sketchpad. It can be anything from an abstract scrible to a Picasso, the canvas is yours! Watch out though, because you only have a limited amount of ink.

Yellow (track) by Coldplay (artist) reminds me of my ex-girlfriend, around 2002 (time), in France (location). In my memory she and I were enjoying a lovely evening in Nice, having dinner, followed by a long sea-side walk (story).

Suggestion: listen to the track while filling out the form!