One Week

A rare occurrence, but I am being political. Apologies to my non-US audience.

Here are some Quicktime clips of registered Republicans telling you why they are voting for John Kerry.

The ads will probably look familiar to you since they were done by Errol Morris who did Apple’s Switch ads. And just in case you are interested my guess is that Ms. Feiss would vote for Kerry, too, if she were old enough.

One week left. I know this election will be a close one (again) so I urge you to vote. I don’t know why this election will be a close one. My guess is that people who vote for Bush are either simply uncurious people (and as such do not care about truth), or they wouldn’t vote for a Democrat even if they were dead (though I am sure we will have some of those).

I don’t understand, and I know they will. I am not blindly following Kerry, but I cannot abide another four years of lies that our media only now is getting around to exposing.

As Mr. Taylor says, “I’ve had enough.”

Consider donating your time and/or money to any Democrat running for office, or perhaps

My name is Matthew Oliphant and I approve this message. :)