VP of UED at Yahoo!!

[If you end a sentence with the name Yahoo! and the sentence is exclaiming something, do you use two exclamation points? Oooo… deep thought…]

Yahoo! is looking for a Vice President of User Experience Design. Wanna job?

Based in Yahoo!’s corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, the Vice President of User Experience Design (UED) will report to the Chief Product Officer. The successful candidate will be charged with directing Yahoo!’s global UED efforts, initiatives, and people into the next generation of world class design and experiences across a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. This individual will be charged with crafting and driving the global strategy inclusive of creative as well as operations, for this group, which touches all Yahoo! products and services. He/She will interface with Yahoo! senior executives in formulating product strategy and will partner with functional and Business Unit management to provide superior user experiences to address user and business needs.

My cube mate thinks I should apply.

“Why not,” he says, “You never know.”

“You’re right, I do never know,” says I.

“I know,” says he.

After a conversation like that I think I will apply.