— 1 November 2004 —

Writing for the Web – In Technicolor

I wrote this white paper with Mike Rundle about 4 years ago. It still holds up I think. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like assistance. Thanks!

Welcome to our first whitepaper. (67KB PDF)

We worked to find a balance between saying things that have been said before and giving the information we think is essential for a good business weblog. A lot of you who signed up for the whitepaper will read it and say, “Well, duh!”

Which is a good sign, because it means that 1) you agree with us as to what it takes to write a good weblog, and 2) you already do what it takes. But the other part of our potential audience is still getting into the game.

There are plenty of companies out there who are still trying to optimize the site they already have. Starting a weblog may seem overwhelming, or not a good option for return.

We don’t want them transferring crap copy making any mistakes from the get-go because it can lead to a quick weblog implosion. That audience will read our whitepaper and say, “Blogs? WTF?!” Which is an acronym that means “What They For?!”

What’s Inside?

Within, we explore…

  • Choosing your voice and being consistent with it.
  • Understanding your audience before you begin and as you go.
  • The type of posts will best suit your company.
  • Making things easy to read.
  • The importance of humor.
  • The necessity of honesty.

So. Download, read, and let us know what you think either in the comments or via our contact form.

This has been fun for us. So much so that we’ve already started work on Whitepaper 2 – This Time It’s Personnel. Okay. That won’t be the title. Promise.

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