— 2 November 2004 —

Blog Business Summit

Blog Business Summit Jan. 24-25, 2005 in Seattle, WA

We’ll be attending the Blog Business Summit on January 24-25, 2005. The summit will be in Seattle, Washington. Which is good, because I need to replenish my cooking spices from The Souk.

We are looking forward to doing the usual meet & greets, learning what we don’t know about, validating what we do, and waxing philosophical on all manner of online communication.

Topics of interest include (bolded are of particular interest to me):

  • Legal Strategies, Tactics and Tools: Prevention and Protection
  • Why Blogs? Understanding the Advantages
  • The New Voice: Writing for Blogs
  • Marketing Strategies and Tactics: PR and Beyond
  • Best Practices: Techniques for Success
  • Building Traffic: Posting isn’t Enough
  • Essential Tools: Life-Changing Add-ons, Scripts, and Services
  • Dealing with Bloggers: Partnering and Defense Strategies
  • Enhancing Internal Communications with Blogs, Wikis, and More
  • Knowing the Numbers: Traffic, Click-through, Sales and ROI
  • The Entrepreneurial Blog: Monetizing Your Interests
  • Corporate Blogging: Strategy and Policy
  • Customer Communication: Using Blogs to Enhance Dialog
  • Blog Business Models: What Strategies Make Money
  • Driving Traffic: Linking Strategies, Search Engines and You
  • Picking a Platform: Blogging Engines Compared
  • Blogs and Branding
  • Content Strategies and Tactics: Maximizing Speed, Impact, and Reputation
  • Good Blog Design: Speed, Accessibility, Transparency, Clarity
  • Collaborative Blogging: Team Workflow and Tools

Look for us there. Mention this post and receive a look of, “Wha?”

Seriously, let us know if you plan to attend. Perhaps we can go for a long walk off a short pier together!

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