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— 9 November 2004 —

Jobs Report

State Farm is hiring.

Not much of a surprise there. Specifically, though, they are hiring people in the UX areas of Human Factors (bring your PhD, yes really), Usability Research, and Interface Design. The latter is the realm in which I live. Though I should clarify that the Human Factors and Interface Design positions are with other companies that contract with State Farm.

Since these are related roles, most of the qualifications are the same. Well, similar. Here’s the rundown for the Usability Researcher position.

  • Meet with internal and external clients to identify usability research questions, design and conduct studies, and communicate results to interdisciplinary project teams.
  • Apply knowledge of usability, Human Factors, Experimental or Cognitive Psychology, and the user-centered design process to product design.
  • Prepare written and oral proposals specifying research to be performed and reporting the results and recommendations of research projects to key stakeholders.
  • Conduct user analysis which will drive the design process using techniques such as ethnography, interviews, and surveys.
  • Conduct rapid iterative usability testing to quickly improve product designs early in the design cycle.
  • Perform validation usability testing to determine whether finished products have met business and usability objectives.
  • Translate research findings into design recommendations.
  • Develop research designs and employ project management processes that properly balance the important (and sometimes competing) considerations of methodological rigor, responsiveness to the client, and economic considerations.
  • Utilize statistical analysis packages (SAS, SPSS, etc.) to perform analyses when appropriate.
  • Develop innovative strategies to answer usability research questions with limited resources.
  • Stay current on usability issues and literature.

If you would like to know more I can tell you what I am able (read: allowed). If you are interested, also let me know. You should apply through the regular channels listed on the job sites, but I can let the hiring managers know to be on the look out for your stuff. No promises, obviously. If I know you, I will tell them what I know about you. If I don’t, I will only point out your name.

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