New Category: Holy Crap! That’s Cool!

Update: Okay. I am late to the game obviously. So says most of the people commenting on Chicagoist (which I didn’t read at first becuase I got it via RSS). So says Paul, who had it on Forever Geek in May. And it was on BoingBoing, which I never read because it sucks. And, apparently this tale of tshirt folding goes all the way back to Socrates. So I am lame. But I still stand by my, “Holy crap! That’s cool!” reaction.

Tshirt folding trick

I see the link and short blurb on Chicagoist. I think, “Tshirt folding. Meh.”

I load the site. I think, “Tshirt folding. Is it worth waiting for this mpeg to load? Meh.”

The movie starts to play. I think, “Wow, obviously I still need to study Japanese because I cannot understand a single word she says. Meh.”

Then she does it. I yell, “Holy crap! That’s cool!”

And that’s how we come to have a new category.

The end.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. I know. Hence, my update. :P

    However, I tried it and after about 4 attempts I got it to work.

    The downside is I hang up my tshirts so I will never use it again.

    What would be really cool is a dryer that folded the laundry when it was done drying.

  2. I’m late on this also. A coworker of my was just telling me about it at work earlier this week. I was in awe and started on it as soon as I got home. Now if they could only share some info on underwear and pants folding.

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