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Sagan's PSA

Sagan stars in her first feature PSA on the dangers of second hand smoke. This movie was for Claire’s psychology class. Sagan was nice enough to lend her talents. We were nice enough to lend our camera. Claire was nice enough to do most of the editing in iMovie. Not really sure what Claire’s classmates did other than bask in Sagan’s greatness.

The movie is an 8mb Quicktime format. So it may take a while to download. If you are dialup, forget about it.

This movie may not stay up very long as I only have a limited amount of bandwidth available to distribute each month, but we’ll probably be okay for a while.

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  1. Nov. 24, 4:40p.m.
    SAKO–Everyone here at the reference desk at Northport Library loves your pictures!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Dola

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