Where Would You Like to Be?

Kayaking out of Seward, Alaska

Just looking out the window to see brown buildings, gray streets and gray sky, dying grass, weather that wants to be snow and rain at the same time…

Hm, where would I rather be?


6 Responses to “Where Would You Like to Be?”

  1. Mike Rundle Says:

    I want to be back down in New York City like I was on Friday night, driving back through Times Square in a stretch Escalade limo with that same girl on my arm and not a care in the world.

  2. Derek Featherstone Says:

    Italy. For some reason, for the past 5 years, I’ve wanted to be in Italy (or at least what I’ve perceived to be all that is Italy). I have this image in my mind of Italy being a life without windows (not Windows, but windows), where everything is open, and I get to eat every meal outside, and I don’t have to worry about things going so fast, and I don’t have to use air conditioning or a furnace any more. Oh, and we also use a fire-oven for what little heating we need, and for baking bread; lots of bread.

    Don’t ask me why, its just there, in my mind…

  3. Matthew Oliphant Says:

    Well, if we are talking about going absolutely anywhere…

    Sintra, Portugal was a nice town northwest of Lisbon. I would like to be there right now, too. :)

  4. paul Says:

    surfing in hawaii. failing that, surfing in tofino. failing that, anywhere with one or more of the following: sunshine, hot weather, or miles of unadulterated beach.

  5. Jason Says:

    back in China eating dim sum and duck!!!


  6. Vinnie Garcia Says:

    Partying it up somewhere warmer than Pennsylvania :)