Best? Interface? Ever?

Nokia phone 7280

“This shifts the paradigm,” says Thompson.

The “article” surrounding the phone above doesn’t let me know who this Thompson person is, but it does make me wonder if I really need a paradigm shift with my farspeaker device.

It also makes me wonder why people use the phrase “paradigm shift” when talking about new features (or lack thereof in this case) on current technology and interactions.

So I look at this phone and wonder how it works. That’s the first hurdle for anyone of course. Considering what phones do these days, I asked a coworker what he thought the top things phones allow us to do.

  1. Call someone.
  2. Take pictures.
  3. Text messaging.

I think I might be able to figure out how to call someone just by looking at the picture (though I don’t know how the phone would know who to call if I cannot enter names and numbers). I am not sure how to take pictures, but then again maybe it doesn’t offer that functionality. And without a keyboard, I really don’t know how I’d be able to send a text message. But again it may not offer that functionality.

I can’t find much information about this model on the Nokia site. Anyone seen this phone live and in person? I think it looks nice; very Art Deco. But best electronic product of the year? Not so much.

I do, however, really like the TV/Mirror from Phillips. Upcoming new phrase to watch out for: “Can you mute the picture so I can fix my hair?” Mmmm… mute button for the picture too…