by way of SvN


Interesting Flash app, the purpose of which will depend on your need. Right now it suffices my ego to know I am number 58534 out of (currently) 86800 words. Well, it’s not me, but my ego won’t let it go.

Here’s a thought though. Take the top 100 words, analyse the letters used and design a new keyboard set up. QWERTY is of course, everywhere. Dvorak would be better, as in more efficient and accurate. But, just for fun try the exercise and see what you come up with.

We did this in one of my human factors classes a few years ago. My group came up with something similar to Dvorak, but a little different. What I would really like to see is keyboard whose keys know what they are, so I could pop them off and arrange them as I desire. Or better yet, be able to assign values to the keys electronically. Or better yet, come up with a new way altogether to enter data into electronic things. You know… a paradigm shift!