2005 Fast 50

Inspired by the Fast 50 entry by our close, personal friends up the street at 37Signals

We decided to enter as well.

The process is juried, but also relies on reader comments and ratings. Please take a few minutes to read what we wrote, as well as enter a rating and quick comment.

Fast Company will be keeping track of the comments and ratings until December 10, so you have about a week to tell them what you think of our story, Jason’s Basecamp story, and quite a number of other great success stories.


  1. I think it’s a good piece.
    Written honestly and earnestly.

    Whilst (like so many ‘young men on the web’) it lapses into PR-ese and seems to take itself a little too seriously for my personal tastes (as do we all at times – and I’m no exception), that’s just a small minus among large plusses.

    To me it’s encouraging, and something from which I’ve learned and drawn inspiration.

    Good on yer.


  2. Funny old world, ain’t it.

    Having made myself unpopular with prior comments, we’re all hunky dory now. Much better. ;-)

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