Amazon Wish List du Typepad

Typepad offered a new attribute for adding to your site today: show everyone my Amazon Wish List!

The downside is that it is only available to users who are using the UI templates that come with the account. If you are using the Advanced Templates, there’s no way to add this feature to your UI.

Why don’t I see the Amazon Wish List Feature in my sidebar content list?

If you are using a mixed media template for your weblog, the Amazon Wish List feature will not be available; at present, the Amazon Wish List feature can only be integrated into weblogs which use classic templates.

So sites like this one can’t make it happen. That is unless you add this to your page.

<a href="
title="Visit this Wish List at">
<img border="0" alt="Visit this Wish List at" src=
",41019" /></a>

Which would look like this:

Visit this Wish List at

Just change the “39FVRRVW9ZLFR” to your Amazon Wish List ID (which you can find on your Typepad profile page… Control Panel > Profile).

Or, if you have the ability to create a new blog, just do that and follow Typepad’s instructions. Which I know you could figure out on your own.