Go Sagan! Go Sagan!

Four years ago, at just about the time I am typing this, I got a really great Solstice present.

sagan at 4

Happy Birthday, Sagan Aurora Kilauea Oliphant!

And no, this has nothing to do with business blogging, except that Sagan is one of my main business drivers. ;)


  1. Caring for your own child is probably by far the biggest motivator for most people.

    It will definitly be for me when I have a kid in the future.

    I have yet, though, to get the guts to post any personal pictures of myself, my wife, or any of my family members.

  2. I don’t have any personal pictures posted either. That’s going to change in 2005. It isn’t like I’m some ugly beast. I think my excuse has been something like “reputation management” or maybe I’m trying to be mysterious. I don’t know, really. In any event, I’ll be posting an updated picture of myself on Oristus.com in 2005. I want to have a face behind the name.

    By the way, how do others feel about this? Do pictures help or hurt consultants? My feeling is that it helps. Makes the consultant seem human. Does anyone have any research on this? I’d love to know!

  3. Well I can’t help but think that pictures help rather than hinder. Putting a friendly face next to a name really helps to see the personal side, and I’d be much more willing to work with someone if I knew what they looked like.

  4. I still think catblogging is a shame, but pictures do tend to make a site less sterile. Real pictures. Not a pic of some woman in business casual attire with thick-rimmed glasses looking like she is really into broadband service. And no that isn’t a euphemism.

    We actually only added pics of ourselves to the site recently. No reports of people fainting so I think we are okay.

    Related, once I get back from the Blog Business Summit expect some pictures from that.

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