BBS 2005 – Special Price

One of the groovy opportunities we get by being sponsors of the Blog Business Summit is being able to extend to you a deal from the event organizers.

As of now, you, gentle reader, can attend the summit (and the sure-to-be-nice reception) for US$395, which is essentially 50% off the regular price.

A couple of other sites are posting this offer this week, so space will more than likely go fast. Join us in Seattle, January 24 & 25. I am going to be speaking on the second day about…

10:15am to 11:15am
Corporate Blogging: Strategy and Policy
Lenn Pryor and Matthew Oliphant

Before you flip the switch and encourage employees to blog about the business, it?s critical that you set the stage for responsible posting. Resolving ownership issues. It?s equally important as an employee writing about your employer to be aware of potential “land mine” issues that could affect your job security. This panel of experts will cover the most critical policy areas, and how to deal with them. * Integrating blogs and confidentiality agreements * Accuracy mandates * Do disclaimers help? * SEC and “quiet period” restrictions. * Reconciling personal opinions against implied corporate representation * Competitor linking and dialog?how open do you want to be? * Screening and editing posts.


  1. Hi – Find the stage setting quite important and really look forward to hearing what you guys have to say about it. I will be at the summit with Jon Froda.

    One thing that i find important in regards to the stage setting is how we can use management tools such as vision, goal setting, corporate culture etc. for framing the stage and directing employees in their blogging. Are you guys going to discuss these??

  2. Short answer: yes.

    I look at it this way… The strategic aspects are along the lines of answering questions like, “Why should we do it,” and “What do we want to get out of this venture?”

    The policy aspect is answering questions like, “How are we going to do it,” and “What do we expect from the people who do it for us (and what can they expect from us)?”

    Basically this is about creating an environment where blogging can be successful, and building plans for when things go wrong.

    Yep, coulda just stuck with the short answer. ;)

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