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— 10 January 2005 —

Badging It Up

Making a badge to link to a site and/or action seems to be so vogue these days. As such, I am probably passé with this offering…

Serious & Stately

Irreverent & Preferable

UXnet is building slowly, but they do have a lot of support (including me obviously). I really believe in supporting interorganization coordination. Governance is another matter altogether, and that is not the goal of UXnet.

I think part of the impetus for the creation of the User Experience Network (UXnet) was that so many of us are members of more than one of the related organizations. Sometimes we have to choose what we are involved in because there is no coordination between orgs, especially at the local/chapter level.


UXnet was formed to help make connections between the people and organizations that represent User Experience disciplines, and to encourage interchange and cooperation.

UXnet’s overarching principles are that:

  • regardless of one’s definition of UX, it is inherently a multi-disciplinary field and no single organization covers everything of interest and relevance to all UX professionals;
  • there are many organizations that provide something unique and of value to UX professionals and that through collaboration, we can develop innovative ways for these organizations to prosper;
  • there is much for UX professionals to gain from an effort to facilitate connections between other UX professionals and related organizations;
  • and that we all can benefit from working together to support those involved in UX.

Given this, UXnet is dedicated to furthering the profession by facilitating collaboration and cooperation among relevant organizations and individuals.

We invite you to get involved, join in the conversation, and help further define the goals and objectives of UXnet.

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