— 12 January 2005 —

Change Aint A-comin’

I just spent 1.15$ for a 20oz bottle of water. It was a 2004 Aquafina. Piquant at best.

I could have saved 5 cents if I bought a soda. Yep, soda is only 1.10$ for 20oz. About the same amount of water, less cost. Makes sense. Kinda like a one-way plane ticket costing twice as much as a round-trip.

But what really bugs me, and here’s the UBBD angle, is if they only charged a dollar for a bottle of water I would buy it more often. Thing is, for the most part I live and die by the card. I have one of those cards that functions both as a debit and a credit card. I even use it for purchases in the 1.15$ range.

I rarely have cash on me. I never use checks (in fact I haven’t used a check in almost a year). And I almost never have change. Ever. If I do have it, I never need it.

So when I want a bottle of water and the only source is a vending machine (that doesn’t take cards) I don’t buy anything. Don’t try eking an extra 15 cents out of me when you could get me to buy more often with the cost of a dollar.

Charge less, sell more. Especially in a land where the local water tastes like corn field dirt.

Or let me use my card to buy stuff from your vending machine. Does that already exist and I am just a victim recipient of a wonderful opportunity of living in a place that is 3 years behind the rest of this country?

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