Article on Enterprise Blogging

fyi’d by John S. Rhodes.

A short article on Enterprise Blogging was published today in Free Pint.

The article briefly mentions us and less briefly, but still briefly mentions our close, personal friends at Basecamp.

One nice thing about the article is that it doesn’t start with “So what is a blog anyway. Why, it’s short for weblog!” So many articles of late start like that. Which is fine because most people still don’t know what a blog is. Just refreshing for my eyes. The article also breaks down different scenarios which might have enterprise application.

  • Information sources
  • Communication tools
  • Project management
  • Competetive intelligence
  • Marketing
  • Knowledge management
  • Customer service
  • Replacing a company newsletter

Course, we bust out some scenarios of our own as well.


  1. You * could * blame the beer…

    The FreePrint versus FreePint issue reminds me of the issue I face with WebWord. People often say WebWorld versus WebWord. It just makes more sense to people and that is that.

    – John

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