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My dad used to say to me: Son, it’s who you know.

Now that I am old enough to both know better and know my parents were right about a lot of things I say: Me, it is who you know, but more importantly it’s who knows you and that they know what you want.

If you haven’t been to LinkedIn for a while, or if you’ve never been you might want to check this out. While it is not a new way, conceptually, to search for a new job, it is a new criteria available for searching.

In the following case, it looks like Technorati is hiring based on the search I did for “blog”. Course, I don’t have much of a chance for this position because I am 4 degrees removed from the poster.

linked in jobs

In the example below, based on the search term “wiki” there was only one job currently open, and I am 2 degrees away from the person who posted the position. Much better chance!

linked in jobs detail

Now as I look for a new dayjob (hint, hint) I can consider something that was always at the back of my mind: do I know anyone that works there. And because of the structure of LinkedIn, I don’t actually have to know the person. If the person who posted the job is on LinkedIn, they are expecting to be contacted by someone they never heard of. But that person will most likely be known by someone in their network.

I can search by company name like, oh I don’t know… IDEO (drool factor 9) to see if they have an open position and if I know or are even closely related to someone at the company. No open positions posted to LinkedIn, but they are hiring and I do know someone who works there (Hi Annie!) and consider that to increase my chances of getting noticed.

One thing I do not like about the UI is that I can sort my results based on Date Posted, Location, Company, and Job Title, but I cannot sort based on Degrees Removed. Which is odd since you can do that when searching LinkedIn for people you know. Which is also odd since that seems to be the whole point of using LinkedIn to post and search for jobs. And you also cannot re-sort on the results page. I hate that.

Posting open positions is free right now so if you have an opening, you might get some good results by using LinkedIn. And if you are looking for a job, well get searchin’.


  1. I just took LinkedIn Jobs for a spin. I posted a key job in there and it looks like it will actually be pretty handy based on a preview of the listing just like you noted above. I’ll let you know what the results are from the employeers standpoint.

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