What the…?

What the hell does this mean?

Dear Valued Verizon Online DSL Member,

Thank you for choosing Verizon Online DSL as your Internet service provider.

Please note, starting February 20, 2005, you will begin seeing a monthly Tax Recovery Fee on your DSL service bill. This is not a tax charged directly to Verizon Online’s customers, but the partial recovery of tax that Verizon Online must pay when they purchase the DSL circuit from the telephone company.

This fee will be eliminated after the recently passed expansion of the Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act becomes effective in November 2005 until November 2007. Since this is not a direct tax but is the recovery of a tax paid by Verizon Online, there are no applicable exemptions. More information is available online at www.verizon.net/myaccount.

We appreciate and value your business.


Verizon Online
Broadband Customer Care Team
This message was sent from a notification-only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail messages. Please do not reply. Copyright 2004 Verizon. All Rights Reserved

Along the same lines as the above: If we had some ice cream, we could have some ice cream and bananas, if we had some bananas.


  1. Que yo siempre busco my cuenta por el internt y a hora tengo que poner un numero mas y yo solo ponia el numero del telefono y salia toda mi nformacion

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