Back From Blog Business Summit

I got home from the Blog Business Summit late last night after many delays in Chicago.

You may be wondering, “Hey, didn’t Matthew say he was going to the summit? Isn’t this a blog? Shouldn’t he be blogging from the summit?” All good questions.

I’ll have a follow up post later today on my thoughts around the summit. But as to why you haven’t seen anything yet… no web connectivity for me for four whole days! Woo! I was able to download my email while I was on stage for my session, but that was the extent of my connection to the world virtual. Maybe I need to start a Dropcash campaign to go wireless… ;)

Overall I had a good time. Met some really nice people. I met more than those of course and will point them out in the next post.

In the meantine, you can download the PDF of my session material for Corporate Blogging: Strategy & Policy. And you can see the presentation version of that material as well. Granted, there is a lot of context missing in the presentation version. I will also upload[ed] pictures to my flickr page soon.