RSS, Aight?

How sad is this…

Last night I had a dream about a rapper whose stage name was RSS (probably stood for “Rap Syndicated Simply”). He gave concerts where he sang live and then sent a podcast to all the people in the audience. The audience wasn’t listening to him with their ears directly, but through their web-enabled devices and earphones.

So this tide of people with white-corded headphones were hipping and hopping to the music, but no one was saying anything becuase then they wouldn’t be able to hear the music.

I think I hit a point where I am talking and thinking too much about blogging and related technologies/activities.

Paul says: Unfortunately we have not acquired the funds to send Matthew to therapy as of yet.


  1. I think you’re onto something, or on something… Actually, that’s a pretty interesting idea for a way to hold concerts online.

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