SXSW 2005 Web Award Finalist – Blog

The thing I like best about award shows is you often get to see talent you might never have even heard of before.

I am only familiar with one of our fellow Blog category nominees. The rest are new to me and their sites are very interesting.

Spend a little time looking through the 80 nominees across 16 categories and hopefully you too will see something fresh. And as we geared up for the Blog Business Summit, so now do we gear up for SXSW. See you there, and if anyone wants to road trip it, let me know.

4 replies on “SXSW 2005 Web Award Finalist – Blog”

  1. I was a bit let down by this year’s nomination. The entries were wonderful, but the nominations represented a heavy focus on Flash centric design. I was hoping to see a stronger showing from XHTML/CSS centric designs.

  2. Zaskoda – I completely agree with you. I guess those of us in the web standards community sometimes forget there are other sites out there that still use all Flash or improper markup.

    I personally think that Shaun Inman will be winning the category that we’re in, and to be honest, if any of the other sites (or us for that matter) win, I’d be definitely taking a second look at the judging panel. Inman’s work is definitely some of the strongest not only in the standards community but also in the world, so if he’s not the winner then there will be some explaining to do.

  3. You deserve the nomination, you site is solid. And yes, Shaun Inman’s site is awesome.

    Maybe next year, we’ll see a different landscape at SXSW Interactive. *crosses fingers*

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