— 2 March 2005 —

When Blogging Turns 10

Think about just how far we’ve come in the past 10 years of a relatively functional Web. Then understand how far we have to go to actually make it useful. There are many aspects of webness that are marginally useful at best. I lump blogs into this category.

While the life cycle from “Meh, it’s neat I guess,” to “Hey, we could use this to…” has been pretty quick to develop, we still have a lot of opportunity to improve how we use this medium. I include wikis, podcasting, and vidlogging (I refuse to call it vlogging) in this, too.

So in the next 5 years or so I expect to be having a conversation like the one below with my daughter as I hand over the username/password to her blog.

Brent: “So Yahoo is only 10 years old? I thought it was more like 20.”
Jenny: “No, it’s almost as old as you are.” (Brent is nine years old.)
Brent: “Wow. So there was no Yahoo before I was born?”
Jenny: “That’s right. Before you were born, there wasn’t really an internet or the web or email. There was a very basic form for people in the military and at universities, but there were no web sites to visit and no web games to play.”
Brent: “So Runescape didn’t exist?”
Jenny: “Nope. You’re older than Runescape.”
Brent: “So computers were worthless ten years ago?”

from The Shifted Librarian

While I have ideas on what the landscape will be like when blogging (as we think of it now) turns ten I haven’t had enough coffee yet to begin prognosticating. What do you think? What will replace blogging, just as blogs will continue to replace traditional web sites (damn, I took another sip of coffee and that slipped out). Feel free to wax your ars philisophica here.

updated  Guess I have my answer.

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