Finally – GDMFSOB

I know, I know… but I just can’t help it.

GDMFSOB. (You need iTunes to listen.)

Explicit, explicit lyrics. Really. That’s an acronym for a reason.

There was this tape in high school (CDs came out the year I started high school) that my friend Angus’ sister, Esther, brought home from college. It was a mix tape from her sorority, Phi Kappa Omega Something Something. No song list, just two sides of music that was very new to me at the time.

This tape sort of opened me up musically. Up til then I’d been into Twisted Sister, Van Halen (still am of their old stuff), and other rock (and sadly glam rock) bands. The Esther Tape had some odd music on it like The Cure, The Flaming Lips, UB40, and some others I unfortunately cannot recall. I think there was only one song I’d ever heard before on it: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. Though the version was one I’d not heard, using the lyric “Making love in the green grass” instead of, well, now I don’t recall what the “clean” lyric was.

I’ve tried over the years to track down the albums of the bands I could figure out. Tonight, while browsing the iTunes Music Store, for no apparent reason, I decided to search for GDMFSOB and there it was.

99 cents and I am one song closer to completing The Esther Tape.