SXSW Laundry List

First off… concentration is what now? Mm, yeah. We have none. Matthew leaves Wednesday to drive to Austin from culturalwasteland Central Illinois. Mike and Paul fly to Austin on Thursday. We’ll all be there by late Thursday afternoon. Let us know if you are going, perhaps we can trade cell numbers and meet up at some point.

Things to which Matthew is looking forward:

  • Meeting Mr. Scrivens for the first time.
  • Sleeping for a week when it is over.
  • Tagging all my Flickrs with “sxswi” (or “sxswf” if appropriate since i have access to both).
  • Everyone taking the previous bullet as a hint.
  • Meeting a lot of new people and remembering to give them my business card.
  • Cramming too many people into a hotel room.
  • 30 hours total driving alone time.
  • SXSW Web Awards show. Mostly because it will be a navel gazing, self-congrtulatory, ego fest and my doctor said I need more of that kind of thing. Good for the skin. Like Vitamin D without the skin cancer.
  • Having concentration again.
  • 1.5 weeks of not doing UI specs. Taking work with me!

Things to which Paul is looking forward:

  • Putting faces to websites.
  • Having the company together for the first time ever. Yes we are that good as to work virtually without actually meeting each other.
  • Enjoying the conversations with other professionals that I don’t get to have on a normal basis.
  • Having a good time.

Things to which Mike is looking forward:

  • All the above!
  • Working on top-secret projects with people who are involved with them.


  1. looking forward to meeting you guys…. I’ll be there Sat-Tuesday… speaking on… gulp… THREE panels!

  2. I think the scariest part about SxSW is going to be really realizing that I’m not the only person who’s into this stuff. Until now, almost all my communication with peers has been online, which is disturbingly close to just being voices in my head.

    Well, that and getting trashed at kickball by Scrivs and his demon feet.

  3. i’ll be there too (on two panels, monday). and i’m just a lil too excited to be in the same room with some of these folks. most people get geeked about meeting celebs. i’m geeked about meeting eric meyer.

  4. Looking forward to meet you in SXSW!
    Put your face on the website! this is a great hint for every attendees with a blog!

  5. Well shit. Have a great time and all (seriously) but templates just went tits-up and I was really hoping you’d be around. I’ve never been able to get you to respond these last few months but this time ITS AN EMERGENCY.


  6. It’s better now but if you have your own copy of the original templates can you e-mail them to me. Thanks. and sorry if i came across as abrupt.

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