Sagan is a Dinosaur

Sagans dino

Sagan’s school had an all-school program last night. Sagan’s class marched, danced, and somewhat sang to the song, “We are the Dinosaurs!” It was very funny, and of course Sagan was brilliant.

The program was entirely too long though. Plus people couldn’t see very well. Claire was in the middle and could barely see the kids heads who were on the highest platform on the stage. She got up for Sagan’s performance though. I was at the front, standing for the whole thing so I could be close enough to get pictures.

I’ve added some new ones of the event to the March 2005 picture set.

As well, here is a movie clip of Sagan’s dance. It’s 24mb (which means very large), so if you are not on a cable or DSL modem (or faster) you may be waiting a loooong time for it to play. You will also need Quicktime to play it. If you have a Mac you should be able to play it just by clicking on it.


  1. I was googling for the use of “Sagan” as a first name… we have a boy named Sagan who was born on 11/29/04.. he is a twin.

    I love the name and I wanted to congratulate you on it! I think it works great for a girl as well.

    I hadn’t heard of anybody else using it, so I was happy to find something like that. At least it’s offbeat. :-)

  2. Thanks for the continued updates! I don’t always have time to respond, but I do think of you all often.

    Miss you, oxox Deb

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