Bloomington, Illinois Plumbing Fun with Mayol!

[Update]: It only took 2 days and this post is 16 out of 26,900 searching for plumbers in Bloomington, Illinois. A couple more days and I should be at least in the top 10. This speaks to why your company may want a blog. And after 3 days I am number 1 for searching Mayol plumbing and heating.

Our old water heater exploded somewhat late last night. As such, being the water using people we are, we are now the proud owners of a new water heater. High time too.

water heater

So, since I optimized the title of this post to benefit those in the Bloomington/Normal area for finding local plumbers on the web, I will now promote Mayol Plumbing and Heating.

Mayol Plumbing and Heating rocks. Seriously. I talked with Dale, the owner, on the phone. He was funny and tried to assess what I really needed. We did do some calling around, but Mayol was by far the best price and was also recommended by someone we know as being very good to work with.

Gibby, the guy who actually did the work, let me watch and help some too. Mostly because I wanted to understand what he was doing. He was nice and professional. He told me the bad news that the copper to galvanized pipe in the house was going to be a big problem some day and that replacing it all would be expensive. :) But it was nice that he was looking at other aspects of our plumbing and making note of it for me so I understood.

We also lucked some, sorta. We had to get a short water heater because the basement ceiling is low. That’s 50$ extra. But, they didn’t have any residential versions in stock, only professional grade. So we got 3 years more warranty and better insulation for the same price as a residential grade. That’s not something everyone will get obviously, but what was cool is Mayol got us a better heater for less than what it would normally cost instead of uping our overall cost.

All in all, I highly recommend hiring Mayol Plumbing and Heating. They seem to be tops in Google’s Local search anyway, but since Google love blogs, why not give them some more juice.

Even if Gibby is a Cardinals fan. ;)

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