Paper Prototype Usability

I am doing some paper-based usability tomorrow (formative testing if you must know). I realised that I don’t care about timings. I know that all the fields in question will be going somewhere in the app, and as such I put them relative to similar information on the screens. I needed to design quickly as the timeline was short. (And let me tell you, that situation has never happened before and won’t likely again.;)

All this put me down the paper path. Especially after reading recently more information regarding paper vs. electronic testing.

It’s been a while since I have done paper testing, so it should be fun. Get to do it onsite too, so you know I will be doing a little contextual inquiry too. Cause who doesn’t love contextual inquiry. Say it, right now, out loud.

The best thing is that I did it all with relatively little effort and it was done soooo much faster than if I had to build an electronic prototype from scratch. It’s getting to the point with me that I would rather stick with paper always and just do more validation of design choices.

The only time I can think of where electronic testing would be helpful is when you go to the user’s environment to look for issues; to see how they are interacting with their system. What’s that called? Oh, right… contextual inquiry. :)

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