— 24 April 2005 —

TC BUZZ Coffee in Bloomington, Illinois

[Update:] And about 20 hours later, this post is the #1 hit on Google for searching TC Buzz.

We’ve been spending a lot (and I mean a lot) of time at a new café here in sleepy Bloomington, Illinois called TC Buzz. The article* in the local paper (the oddly named, and even more oddly edited Pantagraph) says the TC stands for Twin Cities as Bloomington and Normal grew together (the movie will be titled “An Interstate Runs Through It”) a while ago. But it could also stand for Tony and Chuck, the owners.

tc buzz coffee

It’s a great place to hang out, but the best part is they know about coffee. They know more than your average Starbucksian Barista (which is not really a dig because $tarbucks usually does good training), but they also make better drinks. And the drinks cost less than anywhere in town.

I guess I am pretty partial to the place because within 2 minutes of walking in the first time, I was talking to Chuck in Coffeegeekian. I said, “That a two or three group?” That’s all it took. They’ve already let me behind the bar. I made them a Hot’n Cold and a Lollygagger (though without the nutmeg because they didn’t have any). I tells ya, wiping the excess coffee off the portafilter before I cranked it into the group felt so good. And with my body still on autopilot, I let my right hand fall and wipe against my right hip.

Happiness is a coffee ground stained pair of jeans.

TC Buzz is starting to pick up. We’ve been going for about a month and see more and more people in there each time. They’ve set quite a pace for themselves from the get-go being open from 6am to 12midnight. And right now it’s just Tony and Chuck (with some help from time to time) running the place. So while they are a bit strung out, they are loving it. Beats working on the line building cars at Mitsubishi.

So if you are around that area of town, stop in… I may be there. At the very least this is one place where you can mention my name and not get a look of, “Who?” If I am there I will buy you a drink.

*Can’t link to the article because it is in the “archives” and costs $2.95 to view. This is what I love about blogs: free archives! Yet another reason I think the Pantagraph is a crap paper.

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