TC BUZZ Coffee in Bloomington, Illinois

[Update:] And about 20 hours later, this post is the #1 hit on Google for searching TC Buzz.

We’ve been spending a lot (and I mean a lot) of time at a new café here in sleepy Bloomington, Illinois called TC Buzz. The article* in the local paper (the oddly named, and even more oddly edited Pantagraph) says the TC stands for Twin Cities as Bloomington and Normal grew together (the movie will be titled “An Interstate Runs Through It”) a while ago. But it could also stand for Tony and Chuck, the owners.

tc buzz coffee

It’s a great place to hang out, but the best part is they know about coffee. They know more than your average Starbucksian Barista (which is not really a dig because $tarbucks usually does good training), but they also make better drinks. And the drinks cost less than anywhere in town.

I guess I am pretty partial to the place because within 2 minutes of walking in the first time, I was talking to Chuck in Coffeegeekian. I said, “That a two or three group?” That’s all it took. They’ve already let me behind the bar. I made them a Hot’n Cold and a Lollygagger (though without the nutmeg because they didn’t have any). I tells ya, wiping the excess coffee off the portafilter before I cranked it into the group felt so good. And with my body still on autopilot, I let my right hand fall and wipe against my right hip.

Happiness is a coffee ground stained pair of jeans.

TC Buzz is starting to pick up. We’ve been going for about a month and see more and more people in there each time. They’ve set quite a pace for themselves from the get-go being open from 6am to 12midnight. And right now it’s just Tony and Chuck (with some help from time to time) running the place. So while they are a bit strung out, they are loving it. Beats working on the line building cars at Mitsubishi.

So if you are around that area of town, stop in… I may be there. At the very least this is one place where you can mention my name and not get a look of, “Who?” If I am there I will buy you a drink.

*Can’t link to the article because it is in the “archives” and costs $2.95 to view. This is what I love about blogs: free archives! Yet another reason I think the Pantagraph is a crap paper.


  1. Definately my favorite coffeeshop. Bonus because it’s right next to my favorite sushi joint. :]

  2. I Love love love T.C. Buzz! My friends and I go there every Friday night to hang out and talk to Chuck!

  3. While in Bloomington last weekend to visit someone special (I’m from western NY)we stopped into TC Buzz for coffee and danish and to read the morning paper.(but I was more enamored with my date than to actually read the paper) We now call it “our coffee spot” Good luck to TC Buzz

  4. I love coming in right after FUEL at Eastview. I think it’s become one of our official places. Saved by the bell had the MAX, we have TC BUzz lol!

  5. I go there every Friday. It’s one of the best places to hang with your friends, listen to some new bands, and grab somethin to drink. =] basically, it’s godly good.

  6. Actually most of the other coffee shops in town such as Coffeehouse, Coffee Hound AND Coffee Nation have much better coffee and drinks than TC Buzz. They really did not go for quality and good taste when they opened this place.

    Give me a cup full of coffee grounds to drink instead TC Buzz.

  7. I will have to disagree with the capital-R Rachel. We have a couple of new people who are still learning, but I still think the coffee and drinks are great even considering my biased opinion.

    The Coffeehouse isn’t that great for coffee. The food there is good (and cheap), but not so much with the coffee.

    Coffeehound started out good, but I feel they have gone downhill. The drinks look pretty, but there is a lack of consistency. Their pastries are pretty good, but I still pine for a good pastry place in this area; we just don’t have one.

    I can only say a little about Coffee Nation. The 2 Americanos I’ve had there were sub-par, but they do seem to know what they are doing as far as roasting.

    In the end, each of the 4 cafes are unique and offer a different atmosphere. I think the only stand out is Coffeehound in that I don’t feel it is an entirely welcoming place. At the other three, everyone is welcome.

  8. You should check out Fusion Brew at Junction Place. It may be hard to find and park, but once you’re there, it’s a great place.

  9. Sarah seems to have some stake in Fusion Brew as her email address and URL are fusionbrew dot com. Just wanted to point that out as she may have a biased opinion. Well, more biased than a regular customer anyway.

    I’ve been to Fusion Brew. It is difficult to find parking. It looks nice inside, but I feel their counter is set up all wrong. It is difficult to see what is going on and who is helping you. The americano I had there was bland, but my daughter liked the bubble tea she got.

  10. As a teenager in B-town, I am always loomking for something to do on saturday nights. Unfortunatly, Our sleepy town has a complete lack of entertainment, and what we do have costs us more than we can afford, with ridiculous movie prices and lousy arcades. But at TC buzz, we are always welcome, it stays open late, and its a great way to meet people, you’re old friends or new. It has great band nights, and its a friendly atmoshphere. Tony even took me for a ride on his motorcycle once. TC buzz is a great place where teens can go and have fun, not needing drugs or alcohol to fill to their boring nights. Thanks guys!!!

  11. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Coffee Nation! (it’s on GE Road, just west of Towanda Barnes Road) Whether it’s their lattes or brews, I dig it! (and it’s right by my house!) at least there is something on the NE side. They really know their beans. I think it is cool to see a husband/wife team together as well. These 2 care about free trade and research where the beans are coming from– you won’t find that at Starbucks. I buy their 1/2 lb and 1lb bags of beans to brew at home. Wow! Yummy! They have 17 varieties of brew from all around the world. I think it’s 3 or 4 per day that are the specials. Each one has won me over. Coffee Nation teams up with Kelly’s Bakery to make their pastries. I thought that was a cute idea to see 2 little local shops working together to succeed locally. I don’t know which one it was– Coffee Hound or Coffeehouse– that I had a latte in one of their massive mugs– I was in heaven! I haven’t tried TC Buzz yet, but will be sure to– but, I will say after Coffee Nation, Coffee Hound and Coffeehouse– these shops make Starbucks taste like McDonalds’ mass produced, cheap quality, over-priced junk!

  12. me and my friends always head there it is a regular teen hangout.
    everyone in my school nows about tc

  13. I enjoy going to TC BUZZ while my wife sorts through everything at TJ MAX. I think it is cool to see both old guys like me and young people drawing, gaming, strumming a guitar, reading, or just hanging out sipping coffee and reading their e-mail. My wife can shop for hours, I can hang out at TC BUZZ for hours, no problem.

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