It’s For Cutting My Doll


So I come down to fix breakers this morning and Sagan is sitting on the couch, already dressed, with her backpack sitting next to her. She looked all ready to go to school.

I went into the kitchen and one of the dining room chairs was in there next to the counter. I figured she brought it in so she could get up and get a cookie (I made chocolate chip/almond cookies last night and forgot to put them away). No big deal as the cookies I make are relatively healthy and from the looks of it she only took one.

However, she didn’t take a cookie.

I started breakers and got her lunch box ready. I always put her lunch box in her backpack so she only has to carry one thing. I went out to the living room, opened her backpack and found a 10″ chef’s knife. That’s what she took from the counter. Not a cookie… a big honkin’ knife.


It was actually difficult to stay calm. I wasn’t really mad at her, just scared for her. She was fine so I suspect she was very, very careful; we always explain to her what knives are for and that she should be careful each time she helps out in the kitchen.

“I’m taking it to school so I can cut my dolly open to put the magic in.” That was her reasoning. Completely innocent, and somewhat logical. I mean, if you need to cut something open, you should probably use a nice, sharp knife.

So, she went to school sans knife. She wasn’t upset that I took it away and seemed to accept my explanation of why one shouldn’t take knives (or scissors) without asking our permission first. She always asks with scissors, so I think it will stick with knives.

I don’t feel like a bad parent. I think this type of thing happens to all parents. Apparently when I was a kid, I cut my hand while trying to open an orange with a knife without the watchful eye of a parent.

In the end, she’s fine and it was an opportunity to communicate to her the importance of safety around sharp things without making her scared of them.

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