Don’t Feed the Bears

Allowing garbage to be in public view overnight is against municipal law — and has been for at least half a century.

Now state biologist Rick Sinnott wants the city to start enforcing the little-known law to help eliminate hundreds of virtual bear feeding stations created each summer night.


“Don’t take your trash to the curb the night before pick up. Oh, and also… we’ll be arriving an hour earlier. And making more noise.”

Now, having once had my trash ripped through by a bear (and ravens galore) I do get this. But basically what we have here is a usability issue. The user wants one thing, the system expects a different input.

How do we bridge the gap between problem and opportunity? Well, dammit, we ask the right question (cause we all know Old Man Patterson Sinnott can’t handle it):

Can’t someone else do it?

Arse, most likely © Fox Corp or some such.

Who doesn’t want someone to tell you when your arse is showin’.