Redesigning Sagan’s Blog

I am in the process of redesigning Sagan’s blog.

It looks a little messy right now, but it is getting there. I took Mike’s advice and put borders around every main element. It helped a lot in trying to figure out what the CSS was doing; how it was rendering in the different browsers. Right now there are borders only around the elements that are fuxored.

The whole design revolves around the background picture. I took it about 2 months ago, but recently saw it again. I thought it looked like a good picture in general, the way Sagan is offset on the left, but also how there is some nice space on the right that could be filled with text. So why not.

Right now it looks a bit off. The top nav doesn’t look right in IE6, and for some reason the pictures in the middle of the content will not display inline in any browser. I am sure it is something I am just glancing over. Often my CSS mess-ups are related to a semicolon mistyped as a colon or soemthing similar.

This part of the transition is always fun because, with Typepad at least, you really don’t know what the site will look like until you set it live. So you have to live with things looking odd for a bit while you tweak. Unless you are really good at this whole coding thing, which I am not. But I am getting better and that’s one of the reasons for the redesign: to get better at turing the pretty pictures I draw in Fireworks into relatively valid code.