A New Shirt is All it Takes

I got some new clothes last night.

4 shirts and a pair of shorts for the coming hot summer. At regular price, plus tax, the total would have been about $225. Thanks to an outrageous sale and a $30 gift certificate, I only spent $37. Not bad at all.

The odd thing for me is that all the shirts are colours I would normally never pick. Claire suggested I choose them. They are all what I would term “bright” colours. Today I am wearing the green* one.

my green shirt

The odd thing, continued, is that I have had a pretty good day. I was conversational with people; even people I normally don’t speak with. Many people told me I looked nice. Many people I passed in the hall smiled at me. Women wanted me and men wanted to be me. Okay, not that last one.

So basically it goes like this: Matthew chooses his work clothes and has usually “meh” days, doesn’t talk much to people, hardly ever smiles. Claire chooses the work clothes and Matthew is all of a sudden two steps away from wearing a lampshade on his head and being the life of the party.

Sometimes I feel I must channel the George who decided to do the opposite of his every instinct and all of a sudden became very successful.

* This green may not seem “bright” to you, but it is to me.

4 replies on “A New Shirt is All it Takes”

  1. There is no question that a nice new set of threads can have a major impact on your confidence. Lookin’ good if feeling good, as they say. :)

    That green is not particularly bright, but one step at a time, I guess. You can try something even bolder next time. :)

    BTW: Good choice on the flat front pants. I dunno if that was you or Claire, but way too many guys around your age wear pleated khakis and it’s one of the most unflattering things they could possibly do.

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