Business Bloggers Wanted

Wanted to take a survey that is…

The following quote came from a press release (yeah, I know I’m not sure what those are either) today.

Backbone Media, Inc., a Boston based Internet marketing company that specializes in integrated search engine optimization and website design services, announced a survey on business blogging.


Looks like you will have to pay to view the results of your work though by attending the Global PR Blog Week 2.0. So survey away at the risk of the data not being contributed to the general body of knowledge.

Updated Post! Looks like my old age is affecting my memory… Jump into the comments for clarification and links. Results of the survey will be posted online during the 2.0 event.

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  1. I don’t mean to be offensive but… why would you even tell us about this then? If we basically have nothing to gain from this in any way.

  2. Matthew, the PR Blog Week 2.0 is an online conference, and it’s free (attending the conference – priceless :) – so the results of the survey will be available for everybody (I hope John Cass, who initiated the survey, will add his comments here).

    More informations about the conference are available here. The archive for the 1.0 version of the event is available here.

  3. Constantin,

    I didn’t see a link to the conference in the press release. I saw this graph:

    John Cass will be presenting the results of the corporate blogging survey at the upcoming online conference Global PR Blog Week 2.0 on PR and blogging. And John will be moderating a panel discussion on blogging at the AMA’s workshop on blogging in Boston June 24th.

    Which made me think there was a live and in-person conference, which usually requires payment to attend. My bad, especially since I pulled the feed for 1.0 last year. Which I didn’t recall until you posted the helpful links.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  4. hi matthew,

    Sorry the press release was confusing, our poor writing ability there. ;-)

    I can confirm that the results of the survey will be free, and that to attend the online virtual conference is free as well. Backbone Media is organizing the survey. And the conference is organized by a number of PR and business blogging experts all on their own time. We had a great conference last year.

    To prepare for the conference last year I conducted a smaller survey and included the results in my articles. This year I am hoping to survey more corporate bloggers. I will be presenting the results in the form of a paper to the world. That’s the deal I am offering to all the participants in return for taking the survey you get to see all of the results. There is no charge.

    I hope this clarifies the situation.



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