Matthew 34, Bus 0

I am not a big fan of January 1st.

I tend to think of New Year’s Day as May 28th. I figure I should run things on my calendar, not everyone else’s. Slowly, over the years, this day has come to be the start of my new year. I spend much of it alone. I think about the year that has passed and wonder about the year to come.

In the past year I have done a number of interesting things.

  • I marked the first anniversary of a mistake. I hope to not mark it in a few years.
  • I started a successful business with two talented people.
  • I paid off my car.
  • I sent my daughter to school full time. Pre-school, but still school.
  • I spoke at a very good conference on Business Blogging.
  • I made two new friends of people who I initially started out hating. I think there’s something to that.

There were other events of course, but those are the ones that spring to mind now. It’s been a decent year. These past few months have been somewhat difficult. I feel the spectre of old depression creeping back in. But for the most part I can keep it in check. Overall it has been a happy year though.

The coming year will be interesting too. Claire and I are discussing whether she should go back to work or stay in school. There are distinct pros and cons to each scenario. Sagan is moving up to pre-K and will most likely be reading by December.

I will complete 6 years at my current dayjob in July. I’ll get an extra 5 days of vacation a year. I think I should use some. I hope to speak at the next Blog Business Summit so perhaps I can wrap a vacation around that. I actually quite enjoy public speaking. Perhaps I should look into presenting at UPA next year. Too late to get in this year, though I will be attending this year.

I want to work more on Business Logs. Not necessarily more hours, but I want to work on more projects. We have a lot of internal projects on the back burner because of client work and I would like to bring some of it up to the front burner.

And, as always, I want to be a better father to Sagan. I know most parents feel like they don’t do enough for their kids and I am no exception. I think I need to play more with her. And I need to not rely so much on the TV to keep her occupied. She watches so much less than I did as a kid, and much less than most other people we know, but it still seems like too much. More stories is key.

And lastly, I need to work on treating myself well. I just bought some new clothes yesterday. I spent so much more than I did on Wednesday. It freaks me out to spend that kind of money on myself. Claire says I need to let go because I deserve to dress well. I am trying to go with that.

And that is that. As of 14:19 CDT today I became one year older.