Making UCD work at TiVo

Margret Schmidt and Elissa Lee, PhD of TiVo spoke about their design process.

Rough notes…

should I buy a tivo? only if I had channels I want to watch.

99% of people surveyed would recommend Tivo
96% find it easy to use
89% find watching tv without tivo frsutrating
40% would give up cell phone before tivo
39% wish other household objects were” more like tivo”

Core team is only three people: Product mgr, UX lead, egneer lead. (and sorta stakeholders too)

Stake holders are EX QA, Program mgt, documentation, marketing, business dev, legal, cust support)

Senior Vp of products > Director of UX > managers

production (engineering) phases: concept > investigation > design > implemenation > qualification > deliver

UCD phases: definging > documenting > verifying > risk mgt. (YO MARY BETH) > feedback

their usability lab is set up as a living room. what about TVs in different settings?

they try to “focus company discussions on the ‘subscriber’s’ experience.”

preliminary requirements document sorta equals the charter.

Product side defines what needs to be done > UX side defines how best it can work > Eng. side builds it according to spec.

Who does their use cases? Designers or requirements modelers? (Question remains unanswered due to lack of time in session.)

They seem to have support in trying to meet 99% usability objectives. Which is a simplified statement of course. It will often depend in the task, the users involved or something like that.

They do design walkthroughs with all main “stakeholders” in the same room. hm. I find it easier to do walkthroughs in different meetings so the specific agendas can be focused on.

Are these slides available somewhere electronically? Yes, but I never found out where. If I haven’t put them up when you read this (give me a day), remind me in the comments if you want to see the slides.

(ah… What it must be like to live in a true product development world…)

haha… Elissa said “grok.”

do they follow blogs as part of their research? (my question, can you tell?) They look at PVRblog from time to time but that’s about it.