Y! Blogging Guidelines You Ask?

Because it’s a good idea.

Okay, puns aside. Yahoo! has posted it’s Employee Blogging Guidelines (25k, PDF), according to a post late yesterday on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog.

There are three reasons why this is a good thing. Well, there’s more of course, but I am only typing three.

  1. The guidelines exist and are available to the public.
  2. They are guidelines first, meaning there is a certain level of allowance for drifting from the guidelines. If this was mandate policy, there would be no drifting allowed and that brings us to number three.
  3. The document reads like a blog post and isn’t filled with legal limbic inhibitors.

It’s just over two pages long, so take a look and see if something like this is appropriate for your company. Which it probably is. And we can help you write it.

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