NextD Talks with Julie Lasky

That was a much smaller gap than usual between NextD conversations.

The new one is between Garry (as usual) and Julie Lasky, editor-in-chief of I.D. Magazine. That’s Industrial Design to you and me, but as Julie explains below, they try to be more than that.

GK VanPatter: Apart from the details of upcoming articles, how do you describe your overarching strategy today? Is it your intent at I.D. Magazine to provide a window into the present and future of industrial, graphic, interactive, and environmental design, or is your mission something else?

Julie Lasky: Though our audience is mostly professional designers, we are not a typical trade magazine. I like to say that our service is to open eyes. Your window metaphor is apt ­ we try to enlighten readers about current and potential design developments around the world. We also stick to our founders’ mission of exploring how design connects to a broader cultural and political landscape. We tend to approach daily headlines with the question, “So, what’s the design angle?” We rarely have to look hard to find one.

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